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MassMutual’s bitcoin push to open door for big investors

MassMutual’s bitcoin push as door opener for big investors, says JPMorgan

The flood of money to cope with Corona is huge. Many investors therefore rely on gold as protection against feared crises and inflation. Low interest rates are yet another argument in favour of the precious metal about which banker John Pierpont Morgan once said, „Only gold is money. Everything else is credit.“ Two DJE funds have gold in particular focus.

Investment strategists at JPMorgan see growing demand for cryptocurrencies in the recent US$100 million investment in Bitcoin by US insurer MassMutual.

US$100 million – That’s how much US insurer MassMututal invested in Bitcoin on 11 December. As Bloomberg reports, investment strategists from JPMorgan spoke out on the same day. In an investor note, they commented that the insurance company’s entry shows that Bitcoin System adoption is now spreading from family businesses and wealthy investors to larger investors, such as insurance companies and pension funds.

According to JPMorgan experts, it is unlikely that large investors will invest large sums in the cryptocurrency. But even small investments could have an enormous impact on Bitcoin and Co. The strategists of the largest US bank made the following calculation: If pension funds and insurance companies in the USA, the Eurozone, Great Britain and Japan invested just 1 per cent of their assets in Bitcoin, this would lead to an additional Bitcoin demand of 600 billion dollars. That is almost double the current market capitalisation of Bitcoin, which is over $360 billion, according to Coingecko.

MassMutual sees future in Bitcoin

Looking at the 2.3 billion US dollars that MassMutal manages, the BTC position still makes up a comparatively small share at 100 million US dollars. At the same time, the life insurer bought minority shares in NYDIG for five million. This is a Bitcoin service provider for institutional clients. The investment in NYDIG makes additional purchases in the form of bitcoin likely. JPMorgan’s forecast certainly contributes to this

Anhörungen des Rates zur Bewertung von MGM Springfield-Projektänderungsanträgen

Michael Fenton, Präsident des Stadtrats von Springfield, gab bekannt, dass die Vertreter der Stadt wichtige Entscheidungen bezüglich der vorgeschlagenen Designänderungen und Lagepläne für den Bau des MGM Springfield Casinos treffen werden .

Herr Fenton forderte Nachdenklichkeit und faire Entscheidungen, die über eine Reihe von Ratssitzungen getroffen werden, von denen die erste für den 19. Januar im Rathaus geplant ist

Während des Treffens müssen Vertreter von MGM Springfield, Stadtbewohner sowie Berater, die zur Lösung eventueller Probleme beim Bau von Casinos ernannt wurden , schriftliche und mündliche Aussagen machen .

Das Schicksal des 950-Millionen-Dollar-Projekts wird am 26. Januar bekannt gegeben, wenn der Stadtrat voraussichtlich Licht in die Designänderungen und Lagepläne bringen wird. In der Zwischenzeit sind weitere Treffen für den 20. bzw. 25. Januar geplant. Jedes Treffen dauert nicht länger als anderthalb Stunden.

Herr Fenton fügte hinzu, dass die geplanten Anhörungen zu klugen Entscheidungen und nachdenklichen Überlegungen beitragen werden. Während des heutigen Meetings haben die Teilnehmer 90 Minuten Zeit, um die Designmerkmale des Casinos wie die Landschaftsgestaltung, das Layout des Casinos, die Beleuchtung und Verkehrsprobleme zu besprechen , die wahrscheinlich auftreten werden.

Bei den nächsten Treffen ist die Sperrung der Straßen im Casino-Bereich zu berücksichtigen. Das letzte geplante Treffen findet am 26. Januar im Rathaus statt

Alle Entscheidungen, die während der Sitzungen getroffen werden, sowie alle Designänderungen und Straßensperrungen müssen vom Rat genehmigt werden. Es ist wichtig zu wissen, dass für die Abschlusssitzung keine öffentliche Anhörung geplant ist, aber die Stadträte müssen den MGM-Vertretern im Namen der Einwohner und Stadtberater Fragen stellen.

Gemäß den von MGM vorgelegten Designänderungen soll das vorgeschlagene 25-stöckige Hotel durch ein 6-stöckiges ersetzt werden . Die Unterkunft wird jedoch ihre Vier-Sterne-Kategorie beibehalten.

Vor der Ratssitzung, die in ein paar Stunden beginnen soll, haben die Stadträte die Möglichkeit, das dreistöckige Gelände von MGM zu besuchen. Es wird erwartet, dass Michael Mathis selbst unter den Teilnehmern ist und den gewählten Beamten genaue Informationen über das MGM Springfield Casino-Projekt liefert.

Michael Fenton und Domenic Sarno, der Bürgermeister von Springfield, werden die Tour machen und die problematischen Bereiche danach besprechen.

MGM war das Unternehmen, das den Zuschlag erhielt, mit dem Bau eines Casino-Veranstaltungsortes im westlichen Teil von Massachusetts zu beginnen . Der Abriss alter Gebäude hat bereits begonnen. Die ehemalige Grundschule soll durch einen Parkplatz ersetzt werden. Das Casino wird voraussichtlich 2018 seine ersten Besucher empfangen.

Bitcoin Tuesday plans to raise $1 million for good causes today

The biggest crypto charity event starts today. See how you can participate.

Bitcoin Tuesday plans to raise $1 million for good causes todayNOTHINGS

Bitcoin Tuesday, a cryptomaniac charity event organized by The Giving Block, is looking to raise at least $1 million in donations in December. The fundraising goal makes Bitcoin Tuesday one of the largest cryptomore-based charity events of all time.

The Giving Block has secured partnerships with over 120 non-profit organizations and 30 blockchain companies to lead the charity campaign.

Some of the biggest names in the crypt industry will Bitcoin Evolution software participate, including:

Along with many other blockchain companies, they are striving to help charities collect Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptomorph donations before the holiday.


The charities that accept donations at Bitcoin Tuesday include:

The Bitcoiners are committed to the social good and this is an opportunity to make a practical difference, in addition to the choice to interrupt the financial system. It is a chance to help Save the Children or promote justice before the law through the Center for Policing Equity.

Your donation could go to Trees of the Future, fresh water in Uganda, catering for the elderly, or a pet shelter in rural America. There are over 100 participating charities, any of which will be grateful for your support.

The Giving Block told the Cointelegraph that Bitcoin Tuesday 2020 will see „a 1,000% growth in non-profit organisations accepting cryptomorph donations.

According to The Giving Block:

„All our charities accept more than just Bitcoin. Bitcoin is at the front and centre, but you can donate all the cryptomoks currently supported by Gemini“.

They also believe that the non-profit organisations themselves can help with the adoption of cryptomaps by offering users the opportunity to donate through digital assets:

„Non-profits adding crypto as an option on their websites and platforms, requesting crypto gifts in their communications, posting about crypto in social media. This takes their main audience to the crypto scene, which is invaluable“.

Cointelegraph is also participating in the event and is working with The Giving Block to produce a Crypto Trivia charity quiz featuring the main personalities from the blockchain space, to be held on December 10th.

You can donate Crypto Trivia to your favourite charity by visiting The Giving Block website. Select the organization you would like to support and promote your crypto now for a good cause.

Playing Loto without risking losing is possible on Ethereum – What if you voted for the future of decentralized JDF?

We have told you several times about the No-Loser Lottery, Pool Together . Several things come to explain this phenomenon. Beyond its playful aspect, Pool Together is one of the concepts capable of proving the potential of smart contracts and Immediate Edge: a new type of applications inconceivable before.

It is sort of a glimpse into the future, and you have until November 13 to vote

To vote, you must first have tickets that make you eligible . The vote brings the number of winners in the weekly lottery. Until now, the lottery has awarded the entire prize to a single winner. The team’s position was to create a new lottery as soon as the potential payout of the previous one exceeded the equivalent of $ 10,000 .

This rule is about to change since it is now possible, until November 13, to vote to change or not the number of weekly winners .

For the actual vote, all you have to do is sign a message

Therefore, you will not have to pay any transaction fees . This positive point deserves to be underlined insofar as these currently high fees of Ethereum would limit the interest of such a vote.

For the moment, the community has voted to increase the number of winners in each lottery, from “one winner” to between “two and five winners” . The lottery bonus prizes , consisting in particular of donations and NFTs ( non fungible tokens ) , would be awarded to one winner , while the others would share the interest generated fairly according to their number.

Personally, I voted for there to be no change. This choice is justified mainly by the interest that constitutes the gain of an equivalent or close to 10,000 dollars. Indeed, such a sum is close to that used by the association .

Indeed, it regularly draws lots an individual in order to allocate him 1,000 euros per month for one year (you can also participate, registration is free). Such a sum therefore has a greater influence on the course of a life. However, the idea of ​​a larger number of winners also has many advantages and the popularity of this choice makes sense.

Gazprombank, o braço suíço da Rússia, lança ofertas institucionais de Bitcoin

O Gazprombank, um banco do rebanho da gigante russa de energia Gazprom, está lançando serviços institucionais de criptografia de moedas na Suíça.

  • Em um anúncio feito na quinta-feira, o braço suíço regulamentado do banco disse ter agora recebido autorização da FINMA para lançar os novos serviços, inicialmente para um número limitado de clientes.
  • O Gazprombank (Suíça) irá mais tarde expandir as ofertas para mais clientes institucionais e corporativos, fornecendo um serviço de custódia e negociação de bitcoin (BTC, -0,45%) contra moedas fiat.
  • Mais moedas criptográficas deverão ser adicionadas mais tarde.
  • „Esperamos que os ativos digitais se tornem cada vez mais importantes na economia global e, em particular, para nossa clientela atual e potencial“, disse o CEO do banco, Roman Abdulin.
  • O banco disse que aplica procedimentos de due diligence „especialmente concebidos“ para acrescentar segurança e garantir o cumprimento das regras suíças contra a lavagem de dinheiro e o conhecimento das regras de seu cliente.
  • O Gazprombank, o terceiro maior banco da Rússia em ativos líquidos, vem planejando uma mudança para serviços de moeda criptográfica há algum tempo, dizendo em 2018 que estava planejando um piloto antes de começar a atender seus clientes ricos.
  • No ano passado, o banco e sua empresa-mãe, a Gazprom, também disseram que tinham construído uma plataforma de cadeia de bloqueio para a execução de contratos comerciais e que logo seria utilizada para digitalizar o processo de fornecimento de gás.

¿Necesitarán los bancos recurrir a Bitcoin para seguir siendo relevantes?

Dos estrategas de la inversión predicen que los bancos mirarán a Bitcoin Code y otros criptoactivos como una vía para seguir siendo relevantes en la era digital.

Laura Shin en el episodio 197 del podcast „Unchained“

Durante una entrevista con la periodista Laura Shin en el episodio 197 del podcast „Unchained“, el director de estrategia de CoinShares, Meltem Demirors, dijo que está recibiendo consultas de los ejecutivos de los bancos en relación con el uso de la criptodivisa:

„Hemos estado hablando con bancos y gestores de activos que se preguntan, ‚¿Qué hacemos? ¿Es Bitcoin tal vez parte de la respuesta a cómo nos mantenemos relevantes, cómo mantenemos AUM y realmente entregamos un producto por el que nuestros clientes pagarán?“

Demirors continuó diciendo que la adopción de la criptografía „no es ciencia de cohetes“, y llamó a las matemáticas simples que los bancos deberían ofrecer servicios de criptografía a los clientes.

Lyn Alden, fundadora de Lyn Alden Investment Strategy dijo que estaba teniendo conversaciones similares con los bancos:

„El otro día, hice una presentación a la junta directiva de un banco, y Bitcoin no era uno de mis puntos de presentación. Sólo hablaba de la política monetaria fiscal, y luego una de las primeras cosas que me preguntaron cuando terminé fue qué pienso de Bitcoin“.

Según Alden, varios ejecutivos bancarios destacaron la inversión de medio billón de dólares de MicroStrategy en Bitcoin como un punto de intriga y fueron motivados por el apoyo del CEO Michael Saylor a BTC.

grunner til at en analytiker kortere Bitcoins siste rally

Her er 4 grunner til at en analytiker kortere Bitcoins siste rally

  • Bitcoin har falt innenfor en konsolideringsfase i løpet av de siste dagene og ukene, med kjøpere og selgere som er i en blindgate da den handler rundt $ 13 800
  • Resten av kryptovalutamarkedet har gått ned de siste dagene, med DeFi-sektoren som er spesielt rammet
  • Denne helgen har vist seg å være spesielt positiv for Bitcoin, men en analytiker er forsiktig når det gjelder levetiden
  • Han peker på fire spesielle faktorer som indikerer at noen ulemper kan være overhengende for referansekryptovaluta i dagene fremover

Bitcoin har suget oksygenet ut av kryptomarkedet de siste ukene, og har samlet seg mens de fleste altcoins Bitcoin Code gir jevnlige tap.

Denne opptrenden har gjort det mulig for kryptoen å presse mot sitt motstandsnivå på $ 13 800 som har holdt seg sterk de siste dagene og ukene.

En analytiker bemerker nå at noen få tegn indikerer at ulemper kan være overhengende for referansekryptovalutaen.

Han mener at flere mislykkede forsøk på å bryte over motstanden, svakheten i aksjemarkedet, og den amerikanske dollaren som faller til et viktig støttenivå, alle kan utløse en Bitcoin-salg denne uken.

Bitcoin sliter med å bryte $ 13 800 til tross for sterk månedlig avslutning

I skrivende stund handler Bitcoin marginalt opp til sin nåværende pris på $ 13 820. Dette handler om prisen den har handlet med de siste dagene.

Det har ennå ikke lagt ut noen bærekraftige brudd over dette nivået, og en unnlatelse av å bevege seg over her i dagene fremover kan være et dystert tegn.

Tidligere denne uken var kryptoen i stand til å øke så høyt som $ 14100, men den ble raskt avvist på dette prisnivået og dovet ned til der den for tiden handler.

Analytiker: Disse faktorene foreslår at ulemper kan være overhengende for BTC

Mens han delte tankene sine om Bitcoin, forklarte en analytiker at han ser på 4 spesifikke faktorer som indikerer at dette kan være en blodig uke for BTC.

Hvis kryptoen ser en sterk nedgang i uken fremover, kan det skape motvind som også får altcoins til å nese.

“Kort igjen på BTC, noe med pumpen i helgen virker fishy. 3 motstandere i stor motstand, aksjer driter i sengen forrige uke, valg tidlig i neste uke, solid RR og DXY på støtte. Fortsatt bullish generelt er pull-back ikke en dårlig ting. La oss se hva som skjer.“

De nærmeste dagene skal gi litt innsikt i makrobetydningen av Bitcoins prishandling de siste dagene.

Why do traders expect ‚boring‘ price action for Bitcoin and altcoins until 2021?

Traders are expecting a slow fourth quarter for Bitcoin and altcoins, especially as the BTC domain rate begins to rise.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has remained stagnant in a range for several weeks, but traders generally expect a slow fourth quarter for the market-leading digital asset.

In 2018 and 2019, the fourth quarter closed negative, injecting a little bearish sentiment into the market. In the short term, a dull fourth quarter with a fall in the price of Bitcoin could cause altcoin prices to plummet further.

At the moment, several technical analysts are watching closely the rebound in the Bitcoin dominance index and are warning of a downturn in the altcoin market.

Is the worst of the worst for altcoins over?

As Cointelegraph reported, over the past two weeks, most of the smaller altcoins and decentralised finance tokens (DeFi) have fallen by between 30% and 60%.

The fall in altcoins worsened when Bitcoin shot up from USD 9.981 to USD 11.179 from September 9-19 and during this period there appears to have been a large movement to withdraw profits. Analysts believe that the gains in altcoins and DeFi were transformed into Bitcoin and stablecoins.

As such, while Bitcoin saw a strong upward trend, DeFi’s tokens fell and altcoins remained in steady decline.

The massive sale of altcoins occurred when Bitcoin began to fall after rejecting a key resistance level at USD 11,100. Over the past 15 days, the BTC has fallen almost 6%, stabilizing slightly above the USD 10,500 level.

According to Cointelegraph contributor Michael van de Poppe, the current decline is unlikely to end soon.

In a tweet, van de Poppe published the following chart and explained that the crypt currency markets often see „boring and corrective“ phases during the fourth quarter. Traders said that historically, Ether, bottoms out in December and begins to move in the next quarter.

Van de Poppe predicted that „BTC’s dominance will increase, to have an alt-season in the first quarter of 2021“.

A pseudonymous trader known as „Loma“ expressed a similar sentiment. He said that the last time the altcoins sank this hard, BTC experienced a big drop in a short period.

This time the altcoins are falling, while BTC and Ether are relatively stable above their respective support levels. The trader noted:

„The ALTs are falling right now while Bitcoin is barely moving. Last time I saw that, Bitcoin painted a thick candle.

Is there a recovery move among the jokers?

Since the beginning of October, the crypto market has been facing a series of negative events that could affect investor sentiment.

On September 26th, the exchange, KuCoin, was hacked for USD 281 million and while the price of Bitcoin was not affected by the news, it may be preventing the creation of an upward momentum. This was followed by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) filing charges against BitMEX for violating the Bank Secrecy Act on October 1.

Then on October 2, US President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19, causing a stir in the traditional and cryptoactive markets.

Following these important events, investors expect more volatility and some traders suggest that a small contraction could occur.

Another popular Twitter trader known as „Byzantine General“ said that the time is „perfect“ for a small contraction, as it would scare away weak hands. The trader also hinted that, in his opinion, there is a lot of capital on the sidelines within the crypto market. He said:

„With all the uncertainty that exists at the moment, especially in crypto currencies, it would be the perfect time to exploit and leave all those weak hands behind. By the way, the SSR is still historically low, which means that there is a lot of gunpowder in the side lines“.

In general, traders expect a dull quarter for Bitcoin and altcoins, but last month’s intense liquidation could eventually lead to a recovery move.

BTC-prijs drukt maandelijks af boven de cruciale $ 10,5K-ondersteuning

In de afgelopen vier weken heeft de BTC-markt een behoorlijk saaie prijsactie meegemaakt, aangezien de vlaggenschipcrypto begin september een scherpe daling leed.

Het BTCUSD- paar heeft het grootste deel van de afgelopen maand doorgebracht in een breed bereik tussen $ 10K en $ 11K. De koningsmunt werd de afgelopen weken meerdere keren afgewezen in de regio van $ 11.000.

Alle hoop voor de bullish case van BTC is echter niet verloren, ondanks het feit dat het activum voor het eerst sinds juni een rode kaars heeft gedrukt

Analisten wijzen op de maandelijkse afsluiting van gisteren boven de macro-ondersteuning op $ 10,5K om te beweren dat Bitcoin Loophole in feite in een bullish staat verkeert. Crypto Donalt tweette dat het voor beren steeds moeilijker wordt om hun positionering te rechtvaardigen, gezien de laatste maandelijkse sluiting van de kaars.

De afsluiting boven dit cruciale ondersteuningsniveau gaf de stieren een serieuze boost toen ze aan momentum wonnen om BTCUSD tot $ 10.920 te duwen. Het digitale activum vertraagde zijn stijging en daalde momenteel met 3% tegen $ 10.501.

Dat gezegd hebbende, is het feit dat BTC erin slaagde om van de maandelijkse dieptepunten rond $ 9.800 van een paar weken geleden te herstellen, optimistisch voor de munt.

BTC On-Chain-trends zijn ook bullish

Volgens CryptoQuant, crypto-analyse en gegevensfirma, zijn trends in de keten ook optimistisch voor Bitcoin, ondanks dat de prijs onder de $ 11.000 blijft steken.

Het analysebedrijf heeft onlangs gegevens gedeeld waaruit blijkt dat een overweldigende meerderheid van langetermijntrends in de keten momenteel ‚koop‘-signalen voor de koningsmunt afdrukt.

Bovendien droeg Willy Woo, een on-chain analist, bij aan het bullish sentiment voor Bitcoin door de onderstaande grafiek te delen met gegevens van

Het blockchain-analysebedrijf benadrukte een piek in nieuwe gebruikers, wat woo ertoe bracht te concluderen dat de indicator een „duidelijk bullish“ divergentie is.

ETH-prijs geeft positieve signalen weer

Het ETHUSD- paar is momenteel met 2,4% gedaald volgens gegevens van CoinMarketCap. Het digitale activum vertoonde eerder vandaag positieve signalen boven het ondersteuningsniveau van $ 355 ten opzichte van de Amerikaanse dollar.

De ETH-prijs testte zelfs de weerstand van $ 362 en vormde een bullish trendlijn met ondersteuning in de buurt van $ 355. De populaire altcoin stond echter voor een belangrijke hindernis in de buurt van het $ 365-niveau en corrigeerde tijdens de perstijd naar $ 348.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin sale a 10700 dollari, terrà?

  • Il prezzo del Bitcoin supera i 10700 dollari solo per dirigersi verso un’altra possibile testa e spalla.
  • Gli analisti ritengono che la criptovaluta possa raggiungere nuovi massimi se il mercato rimane calmo.
  • La confusione persiste nel sentimento del mercato in mezzo al rialzo del prezzo.
  • Il prezzo della BTC può oscillare in caso di un movimento inaspettato del mercato.

Il prezzo Bitcoin di 10.500 dollari

Il mercato della crittovaluta è ora in una posizione di rally dopo che il prezzo Bitcoin ha finalmente superato la resistenza di 10.500 dollari il 14 settembre. Anche se il mercato è in una posizione migliore con l’attuale massimo di Bitcoin Billionaire sopra i 10700 dollari, ma, anche l’attuale massimo è più basso di oltre il 13 per cento rispetto al massimo di 30 giorni registrato a 12391 dollari il 18 agosto 2020.

Altcoin come Ethereum stanno ora guadagnando slancio di prezzo a seguito del re dei Bitcoin di cripto-valuta, tuttavia, il pericolo continua ad incombere sul mercato della cripto-valuta.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin ha raggiunto l’apice delle 24 ore alla soglia dei 10800 dollari per un breve momento, ma guardando il grafico a 5 giorni è anche evidente che la crittovaluta sta uscendo da un movimento di testa e spalle e sta entrando in un altro possibile movimento di testa e spalle. Al momento della scrittura Bitcoin è scambiata nella fascia $10700 – $10800, mentre il prezzo è attualmente a $01734.40.

Il movimento dei prezzi Bitcoin, cosa aspettarsi?

Secondo gli indicatori tecnici su Trading View, il mercato dei prezzi cripto-valuta è in uno stato di acquisto generale e ciò fornisce un buon supporto al mercato. Mentre d’altra parte, l’indice della paura e dell’avidità non ha ancora colpito il fattore avidità, al momento di scrivere il punteggio è pari a 40 neutro. Sebbene la situazione sia cambiata rispetto agli indicatori registrati in precedenza, sui grafici del sentiment non è ancora molto chiara e i sentimenti stanno dando segnali contrastanti.

L’analista della vista di trading Rocket Bomb spiega la stessa situazione nella sua analisi. Bomb spiega che il movimento dei prezzi sembra tutto pronto per un nuovo massimo, o il tradizionale massimo dell’ultimo trimestre, ma c’è sempre spazio per i cambiamenti.

Secondo l’analisi di Bomb, se l’attuale calma del mercato persiste, Bitcoin ha da cinque a seimila guadagni di prezzo, ma in caso di un movimento brusco può benissimo scendere.

D’altra parte, un altro analista di Trading View, Trading Axis ritiene che la criptovaluta abbia appena completato una posizione di testa e spalle a lungo termine sul grafico a sei mesi. Egli ritiene che i livelli di supporto persistano a 10.000 dollari, fornendo la base per la prossima corsa sopra gli 11.000 dollari. In questo tipo di corsa il nuovo probabile massimo potrebbe essere trovato a 11.531 dollari. I livelli di supporto più bassi per analisi per asse si attestano a 9504 dollari.

Il Bitcoin ha recentemente raggiunto un traguardo, dopo essere stato dichiarato la sesta moneta più usata al mondo, e questo parla di adozione massiccia. Mentre, d’altra parte, gli investitori istituzionali hanno sempre avuto un ruolo importante nell’improvviso movimento dei prezzi.

Ultimo ma non meno importante, Whale Alert riferisce che un trasferimento di 17 milioni di dollari è stato appena trasferito su un conto Binance. Storicamente Bitcoin è stato associato alle transazioni Tether (USDT), quindi ci si può aspettare un dumping. Tuttavia, essendo un dump indiretto, non è molto probabile che il movimento del prezzo del Bitcoin sia influenzato da un enorme margine.

Tutto sommato, nonostante le opinioni divergenti sul mercato, la Bitcoin è impostata sul prezzo di 11.000 dollari e solo fattori estremi come la discarica delle balene, l’improvvisa fluttuazione del mercato globale o un’altra ondata di pandemia probabilmente impediranno al re di dondolarsi.