Bitcoin Tuesday plans to raise $1 million for good causes today

The biggest crypto charity event starts today. See how you can participate.

Bitcoin Tuesday plans to raise $1 million for good causes todayNOTHINGS

Bitcoin Tuesday, a cryptomaniac charity event organized by The Giving Block, is looking to raise at least $1 million in donations in December. The fundraising goal makes Bitcoin Tuesday one of the largest cryptomore-based charity events of all time.

The Giving Block has secured partnerships with over 120 non-profit organizations and 30 blockchain companies to lead the charity campaign.

Some of the biggest names in the crypt industry will Bitcoin Evolution software participate, including:

Along with many other blockchain companies, they are striving to help charities collect Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptomorph donations before the holiday.


The charities that accept donations at Bitcoin Tuesday include:

The Bitcoiners are committed to the social good and this is an opportunity to make a practical difference, in addition to the choice to interrupt the financial system. It is a chance to help Save the Children or promote justice before the law through the Center for Policing Equity.

Your donation could go to Trees of the Future, fresh water in Uganda, catering for the elderly, or a pet shelter in rural America. There are over 100 participating charities, any of which will be grateful for your support.

The Giving Block told the Cointelegraph that Bitcoin Tuesday 2020 will see „a 1,000% growth in non-profit organisations accepting cryptomorph donations.

According to The Giving Block:

„All our charities accept more than just Bitcoin. Bitcoin is at the front and centre, but you can donate all the cryptomoks currently supported by Gemini“.

They also believe that the non-profit organisations themselves can help with the adoption of cryptomaps by offering users the opportunity to donate through digital assets:

„Non-profits adding crypto as an option on their websites and platforms, requesting crypto gifts in their communications, posting about crypto in social media. This takes their main audience to the crypto scene, which is invaluable“.

Cointelegraph is also participating in the event and is working with The Giving Block to produce a Crypto Trivia charity quiz featuring the main personalities from the blockchain space, to be held on December 10th.

You can donate Crypto Trivia to your favourite charity by visiting The Giving Block website. Select the organization you would like to support and promote your crypto now for a good cause.